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Motus is a diversified, non-manufacturing business in the automotive sector, with unrivalled scale and scope in South Africa, and a selected international presence, primarily in the United Kingdom and Australia but with a limited presence in Southeast Asia, and Southern and East Africa.

Motus Group (UK) Ltd. manages the automotive retail interests of Motus Holdings Limited in the United Kingdom. These encompass 118 vehicle franchise outlets at 87 locations. In addition, the business operates specialist commercial vehicle body shops and has further interests in parts and service facilities and commercial vehicle equipment supply.

In addition, the business operates specialist commercial vehicle body shops and has further interests in parts and service facilities and commercial vehicle equipment supply.

Motus Group (UK) Ltd. encompasses the UK's largest independent commercial vehicle dealer group and, with its passenger vehicle interests included, ranks inside from the Top 15 of all UK automotive dealer groups. The company has annual revenues of over £1 billion and employs almost 3000 people across its operations.

A strong name in UK automotive leadership

Motus Group (UK) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Motus Holdings Ltd, a group that has grown successfully across the UK over the years, with interests in trucks, vans, passenger cars, parts, servicing, body repairs, bodybuilding and the supply of commercial vehicle equipment such as tail-lifts, curtain-sides and roller doors.

Following the move by our South African operating parent company toward the Motus name -- 'motus' is Latin for motion - Motus was adopted in 2018 as the new name for our leading UK automotive group. Although our name changed, our dedication, to the high standards of business that had helped us become one of the UK's most successful independent groups, remains and continues to grow.

A continuing tradition of excellence

Motus Group (UK) Ltd. will continue the well-established traditions of the business to date; service excellence, reflected in all that we do, complemented by the high-quality commercial and passenger vehicles marques that we represent. Currently, these include:

Combined sales figures place the company well inside the Top 15 of UK automotive dealer groups overall. Motus will be powered by its people — a diverse combination of experienced, educated and energetic individuals — whose progress will rely on strategic clarity, operational excellence and innovation. In short we are dedicated to powering the progress of Motus to become a highly competitive world class vehicle group.

What we do

Motus Group (UK) Ltd. directly employs almost 3000 people across the country. Its footprint includes some 118 franchise outlets which it operates from 87 different locations. In addition, the business incorporates seven passenger car and commercial vehicle body repair locations and two specialist truck body builders, as well as parts and commercial vehicle equipment operations.

Motus Group (UK) Ltd. is believed to be the largest independent commercial vehicle dealer group in UK, with its Motus Commercials operation the largest DAF dealer group in the world. Its wider commercial vehicle network also incorporates a number of major Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

In the passenger car and LCV sector, the company's Pentagon Motor Group business represents most of the major car and van brands on the UK market.

Alongside parts and service for franchised brand outlets, Motus Group (UK) Ltd. operates two service-only locations, runs parts supply business for trucks and trailers through its TTE arm, as well as truck and trailer equipment through its Humberside Tail Lift operations, while commercial vehicle body conversions take place under its Mackworth Brand.

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Head office specific enquiries only:
Motus, Oakingham House, Ground Floor, West Wing,
London Road, Loudwater, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire,
HP11 1JU
Tel: 01494 520908

For all other divisional enquiries please contact:
MOTUS COMMERCIALS: 03332 228 928.
MOTUS TRUCK AND VAN: 0330 107 411.